Wood ear mushrooms health benefits

The wood ear mushroom (Auricularia Auricula –Judae ) comes from South Asia, where it has been grown for more than three thousand years because of its healing effect. This mushroom has long been used as natural remedy to reduce inflammation, cure eye diseases and even to treat some forms of cancer.

Wood ear mushrooms have a high content of vitamins B, potassium, calcium also sodium, magnesium, phosphorus and silicon. It has high protein content, contains valuable fats and ballast materials. Various active sugar derivatives have an immunostimulating and disease-preventing effect on the human body.

This mushroom has a high culinary value as well. It is low in calories, it has a quick saturating texture, does not raise blood sugar levels so it can be added to the diets of diabetics. Rich in fibre, it helps to prevent the development of colon disease. Its consumption is recommended for those with metabolic disorders, especially for gout and rheumatoid arthritis.

In addition to beneficial nutrients, wood ear mushrooms also contain health-promoting substances that act on the whole body, and exert healing effect at the cellular level. It strengthens the immune system, reduces or eliminates inflammation of the eyes and mucous membranes, improves circulation, blood flow, protects the pancreas, inhibits the formation of malignant tumours, reduces cholesterol, triglyceride and fat levels in the blood.

Healing effects of wood ear mushrooms

The adenosine content of the fungus plays a major role in reducing cholesterol, facilitates proper blood flow and regulates adrenaline levels, thus keeping the balance between the hormone and the optimal pH level of the blood. It also contains terpenoids that strengthen the digestive tract and discourage the formation of allergies caused by antigens.

Germanium contained by the mushroom,increases the blood’s oxygen intake, improves tissue condition and protects against cancer, chronic fatigue, immunosuppression, hypertension, and inflammation of the joints.

The mushroom has a high beta-carotene content from which the body can synthesize its own vitamin A as needed. It is used in the treatment of many eye disorders. It is especially effective in protecting against respiratory infections, keeping the skin, hair, teeth and gums healthy.

Accelerates bone growth and development. Protects the mouth, nose, throat, trachea and lung mucosa, as well as the heart and blood vessels.

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